Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boring Closet Doors for a Sports Kid.....

My son has a slight obsession with sports!  I swore when I had him that we would NOT push sports on him just because he was a boy.  It seems that it didn't matter.  He loves all things sports.  His neutral is slowly becoming more and more of a sports theme without any help from me.  The more things that went into his room, the more we noticed the white closet doors.  So we got the idea to make them look like lockers.  He wanted them red and we went from there.....
First we used a high gloss red (and spent DAYS putting on more coats!!!). 
After the paint was finally done, we used painters tape to make stripes on the top and bottom of the doors and painted black over them.  Finally we used mailbox peel and stick numbers to make them look more official!  I was still trying to figure out how to make a faux lock for them, but for now he is happy and that is all that really matters!!!

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