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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Curtains for BIG windows on a SMALL budget!!!!!


We have four HUGE windows in our family room, on either side of our fireplace.  They would be wonderful if we lived in the country on a bunch of land with privacy!  However, we have very close neighbors, so we need some sort of window coverings for them.  They are 108 inches long so everything I found was very expensive.  For the last few years, they have been covered with the curtains I bought when we first moved in.  Each window only had one curtain panel (not for looks but because I couldn't afford to double the price...).  I decided we needed a change.  So off to Ikea I went to find something that would work......
I LOVED the idea of this $9.99 VIVAN PAIR of curtains, however they were too short.  But I bought four packs and kept on searching....
I have always LOVED this blanket at Ikea, but never could find a use for it.  But it HIT me.... I could use this blanket and sew sections of it on to the shorter curtains to make them the right length.  So the OFELIA blanket went into my cart and it all started to come together!
I came home and got to work.  I cut the blanket into 8 equal parts.  Luckily the width of the blanket and curtains worked perfectly.  I then just used a basic stitch to attach the bottom of the curtains to the panel of the blanket.  I used hooks with clips to hang them on the rod.  And DONE!!!!!  I had two panels for each window and I LOVE the look for spring/summer.  The curtains let light through and look much more custom (to me at least!)
So for 8- 108" panels I spent....
               Vivan Curtains (4)- $40.00
               Ofelia Blanket (1)- $20.00
                             TOTAL- $60.00 or $7.50 per panel


  1. You are a DIY rock star. I'd say I wanted to be you, but I know what that really means at your five person household.

  2. Well you are motivation Miss Shelly!!! You are the one who told me my other curtains needed some help! :-)

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