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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Non Crochet- Recycled shirt Nightgown

So a few people have said they would love to reuse old shirts for nightgowns, but they can't crochet.  So today while the gingers were napping today, I came up with this.  Keep in mind I did it all in about 25 mins, so it isn't going to win any prizes for perfection, but it was a HUGE hit around our house!
This was an old shirt that was in the donate pile!!!

First I cut off the collar and the sleeves.  Then I cut down both sides.

I found a shirt that fits.  I used it as a guide for the night gown and then cut around it.

Then I just sewed up the sides and the straps together. 

When I was finished, I saw the sleeves laying there and realized they would be a great size for Mia, the American Girl.  I used one of the American Girl's dresses as my sizing guide.

TA-DA!  Done!
A VERY easy VERY fast. 
Not perfect by any means, but it only took a few mins to throw together!

It was a hit!  She thinks its sooooo cool that this used to be Daddy's work shirt!!!

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