Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Ginger Style!!!!!

I can't believe that my little girl is 5 today!!!!!  We wanted to make sure she had an extra special day!  However, since today is our first day back to school after spring break, I knew we would have to work extra hard!!!!! 

I wanted an early morning surprise..... So we used some streamers to make a "net" over her door and then filled it with balloons.  She opened the door and was covered with balloons.  Also there was a streamer that lead down the stairs and around the house and at the end was her birthday gift! 

She got an American Girl who was Girl of the year from the year she was born.  It is the ONLY doll that we have found that looks like her.  She will be well loved!!!!

Sadly, it is not even 10 am, and she is expecting lots of surprises!!!  I'm running out of ideas! 

Do you do anything fun/special for your kids on their birthday????

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  1. I do a "Mom and kids only" small birthday cake. We sing and have a slice before school but after Daddy goes to work, so he doesn't know. A turned 8 in January and Dad still has no idea. It's our little secret..ssshhhhhh. ;)