Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Old One.... But EASY One!!!

When we bought our first house, we didn't have much.  I had no artwork and big walls.  Someone gave us an old picture of a bird.  I LOVED the size and the frame, but wasn't crazy about the bird picture.  I wanted something with texture but neutral.  So I came up with this......
First I took out the old picture.  Then I found different types of brown bags.  (Grocery, shipping stuffing, etc)  I crunched all the paper up and tore them into different size pieces.
I arranged them how I wanted them on the picture and then used a glue/water combo to glue them down.  After it was dry, I used two different colors of brown shoe polish and rubbed it on the paper to give it some depth.
This was the final product!  I was REALLY happy with it for us!!!

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